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to TYE 2022

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    ABOUT TYE 2022

    TiE Dallas in partnership with Moonshot Jr is hosting a 15-week Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development Program – TYE 2022. Join this session to learn more about this bootcamp program and how it will help your child –

    Become an entrepreneur

    Build an entrepreneurial mindset
    (crucial for the future of work)

    Build a top-notch resume for college admissions for advanced studies

    Bag opportunity for a stellar career

    What is TYE?

    TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) is TiE Global’s International Youth Program, aimed towards the future generation of entrepreneurs. TYE focuses on teaching entrepreneurship to young people and helping them discover the rewards and challenges of becoming an entrepreneur. The first program was conducted in the Fall of 2012, with a regional competition in Nov 2012.

    TYE’s Mission

    • Offer a business education program, geared toward inspiring young students to be entrepreneurs through mentor-based workshops, taught by established industry leaders, who foster innovation, leadership skills, creativity and self-confidence.
    • Offer a business plan competition with cash prizes at the regional level, which is the culmination of the student education program.
    • Students who win their local business plan competition have an opportunity to win a GRAND PRIZE of $10,000 in the Global Competition.

    TYE’s Vision

    • Empower our youth to become entrepreneurs.
    • Develop business acumen and communication skills.
    • Discover the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.
    • Nurture to be a well rounded personality.
    • Instill confidence to lead in a global environment.


    Future of work is changing. Don’t let your ward be left behind in the entrepreneurial revolution/Industry 4.0. We prepare every student for the future of work by offering a program that gives a shape to their innovative ideas.