Skill Assessment with Aditi Deo


75.00$ 55.00$

Aditi Deo is a Skill Assessment Analyst and a Career Counselor with Moonshot Jr.

No. of sessions: 2

Duration: 45-60 mins per session

Session 1: The first session will have tests to assess skill sets and personality traits

Session 2: In the second session, you will be given a report which would have results on the test. The counselor will be explaining the innate qualities and abilities


At the end of the 2 sessions, you will get a detailed report highlighting the following:

  1. Personality traits and behavior patterns
  2. Impact of the traits and pattern on careers choices
  3. Best methods to utilize capabilities
  4. Steps to maximize growth opportunities

Educational Qualifications:

1. Post Graduate Certification in Counselling Psychology, Fergusson College, Pune (2017)
2. Certification in marriage counseling, Karve Institute for Women, Pune (2016)

3. Masters in Computer Science, Pune University (2003)

Innovator Program:

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