Communication methodologies by Holly Schroeder


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Communication through storytelling is an act of transferring information and emotions from one person to another. From writing, storytelling, and improvisation, to acting and singing, these classes teach kids how to effectively connect with others in a fulfilling way.

No. of sessions: 2

Duration: 45-60 mins per session

Session 1: Learn the components of story, what makes a great story, and how to effectively tell a story on paper and in front of an audience.

Session 2: Feedback, coaching, and direction to effectively tell stories in front of an audience.

About Holly:

Holly has a Communications degree from Purdue University; has taught acting and improvisation to kids age 7-15;  has worked professionally as an actress and singer in musical theater, commercials, and voiceovers for 30 years; been a professional writer of books, scripts, magazine articles, newspaper columns, product copy and children’s educational materials for 25 years.
Holly is a member of Actors Equity, Trained in improvisation through Chicago’s Second City, has won acting awards (Lavender Magazine Best Actress Award and 2019 NIETF Award Winner), and has been writing stories and memoir since she was 7.

Innovator Program:

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