Moonpreneur - The Ultimate Entrepreneurship Board Game


Moonpreneur, the coolest and most-intriguing business game has arrived! This board game simulates the journey of entrepreneurship and is a fun, challenging, and educational experience for the players. Moonpreneur aims to foster an entrepreneurial mindset in players of all ages, especially children, through active gameplay.

Get ready to become the smartest entrepreneur in town!

Moonpreneur is a highly interactive, thought-provoking, and fun-learning entrepreneurship game. It aims to offer a complete, practical experience of becoming an entrepreneur. Enjoy hours of gameplay and engaging family time with Moonpreneur.
The game is designed for 2-6 players. There is one inner circle and one outer square where you will be playing the game. Players can move between the inner circle and outer square before they throw the dice. To begin the game, every player gets starting money. All of it sounds so real, right?

Time spent on the Moonpreneur board game will be a fun way of arousing children’s interest in business, finance, and management skills.

Moonpreneur offers various learning concepts that will continue serving you in your life and future endeavors.

Board Game That Teaches Business
Business Challenges
This game is real, so you’re not going to have it your way all the time. Just like real-life, you will have to come across many hardships and overcome hurdles to make your business a sure-shot hit. What happens when the market is going through a recession? What will you do if your inventory gets shipwrecked?
Challenges of Entrepreneurship
Play Moonprenuer Board Game

Moonpreneur comes with some unique features. One of them is the two tracks where the players can play—the inner circle and the outer square. The players can choose where they want to play before the throw of the dice. As the dice rolls out, it unleashes a plethora of fun, action, and learning.

Each player takes turns to roll the dice. The entrepreneurs get funding of $2000 at the beginning of the game. Depending on the cell the peg lands upon, the player can spend money on earning a degree, setting up a business, buying goods and services, paying taxes, or getting a job if they want to get comfy, in the inner circle. The outer square is a hardcore entrepreneurship world. With every dice roll, you will uncover newer rewards and challenges in your entrepreneurial journey. Build your inventory, sell it, trade your goods, and make your decisions to grow your business.

Moonpreneur gently leads the players into the business environment, familiarizes them with the business glossary, tests their critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills. It also teaches them many business concepts such as stock handling, financial skills, real estate management, and more.

Pick The Cards
Cards run the game. They are an essential component of Moonpreneur. The game is loaded with twists and turns that entrepreneurs face on their journey. As you cover the complete roadmap, you will pick up the cards that will determine the fate of your business. Each and every card has a unique influence and can change the overall standing of the game with the blink of an eye. Say a little prayer before you pick your card up.
Type of Cards In Business Game

Positive & Negative Cards: These cards explain both positive and negative actions and their impact. These cards can make or break your business.

Educational Cards: Learning is a foundational element to business. Here, you will acquire undergraduate and graduate degrees to get yourself educated before starting a business venture of your own. 

Freelancing Cards: These cards bring multiple freelancing opportunities including Cookies Seller, Lemonade Stall, Restaurant Jobs, Babysitter, Driver, etc.

Growth Cards: As the name suggests, these cards create opportunities to expand and grow the business with options like Go Global, Retail Stores Chain, Acquisition, Starting a New Factory, or Upgrading the Factory.

Advertisement Cards: It will give the player a chance to market their products or brand on various platforms. They can put up a billboard, or float an ad in local news websites/social media, optimize search engines, broadcast on TV or radio channels.

Product Cards: Two types of cards – Red and Blue. Here, business set up costs and Product sourcing channels are explained. 

Red product cards represent the lowest price options while the blue product cards represent the highest price options for the same product. In real life, we will have a huge number of options available between the Red products and Blue products. 

Legal Cards: Here, you will acquire legal services to avoid any future hindrances to your business. Play it safe with the legal cards.

Complete the compliance-related requirements and engage an attorney to safeguard you from any legal issues.

Job Cards: Get an opportunity to thrive in the market with various lucrative jobs on offer.

House and Car Cards: These cards represent the immovable and movable properties in which one can invest. These cards bring an opportunity to buy a house or a car. You can be stingy or luxurious based on your risk appetite but know that this will all definitely test your financial skills. 

Origin Story

To get the ball rolling, you need an idea. When we started out with Moonpreneur, there were a lot of discussions and propositions floating around. The game went through a lot of significant changes over a period of time but what mattered was how all of us stood on the same page to achieve a common goal. We decided that we wanted Moonpreneur to separate itself from typical business games. That’s what the idea of this board game is; to bestow a light-hearted, stimulating experience while walking the entrepreneurial journey and teaching relevant skills to the players that are required to succeed in the field of business.

Let’s go through the origin story and how Moonpreneur came to life.

Team Behind Moonpreneur
Inside The Box

Get ready to rack your brains! Moonpreneur is going to test your smart minds: you can get a degree in various streams, set up a business, buy a factory for manufacturing, sell and buy goods and services, get legal insurance, buy trademarks for your company, and so much more.

But what’s on offer for you to get real in the business world? Let’s take a sneak peek into what’s inside the box!

What's Inside The Board Game Box
Love The Game
There are a bundle of reasons to love this game, but let us reiterate a few here which highlight what makes Moonpreneur the perfect business game for you.
Why Moonpreneuer Business Strategy Game
Pro Version
You can now get yourself the premium version of the game. This includes the game on a premium wooden board that not only looks awesome but will also last for years to come. Let your children be children while you play the game with them as the board and other parts will less likely break or get damaged easily.
Buy Moonpreneur Premium Version
Stretch Goals
Set Entrepreneurship Goals

Our team comprises of the grooviest, most passionate game enthusiasts, who got together to bring Moonpreneur to life. The idea of the board game was the brainchild of Tushar (Strategy and Gameplay) and developed by Vishal (Strategy and Gameplay), and Uttara (Gamification Expert). They ensured that the game was fun, educational, thrilling, and life-like simulation of entrepreneurship through and through. They are proud to say that families will indeed come together to the table to experience and live this one-of-a-kind game.

The game was brought to life, literally, with creativity by our expert game designers, Kavita and Diksha. Their imagination and attention to detail will ensure that players are hooked on to the game.

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