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Our preliminary research showed that the current education system with its traditional approach to learning is not catering to the needs of the children for building their future. We care not only because we have a close association and experience in e-commerce and can see and predict the needs of the future but also as parents of school goers.

Alok Jain Co-founder, CEO @ Moonshot Junior

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Monshot Jr - Changing the Future. One Child at a Time.

It started with an idea and an experience of parents of middle and high school students who coincidentally are also our founders. They noticed some alarming numbers in our institutional structure.

They also noticed that the current ecosystem is not supporting a holistic approach to learning especially when the workforce of the future is set to be dominated by automation and artificial intelligence. 

To bring about a change in the educational system, it was necessary to change to bring about a change in the young mindsets. The patent-pending Innovator Program with its 4 stages of guided learning helps children not just to prepare for the future but to succeed in academics and careers based on their interest and aptitude.

  • The program equips a kid with the right set of techniques and knowledge to become innovators and entrepreneurs in the future.
  • Exploration Stage- The child is taken through a 17 session journey that centers on knowledge about futuristic subjects
  • Preparation Stage- Children will be able to dig deeper into the chosen subjects like Robotics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, AI, Automation, Art, Game Development, App Development, and more.
  • Product Innovation Stage- Introduced to the five steps of product development to help innovate and develop a Moonshot (their own product)
  • E-commerce Stage- Prepares and encourages your kid for the e-commerce environment
  • Product-first learning technique designed to make you aware of the applications and future of the subject.
  • Real-life experience of entrepreneurship