Our Success Stories

We pride ourselves on having assisted children in successfully launching their products and businesses on marketplaces and crowdfunding platforms. From our STEAM-based education and Explorer modules to our flagship Builder and Innovator programs, our cutting-edge platform and products serve to be the primary tools that help us turn young innovators and entrepreneurs into the educators and leaders of tomorrow. With guidance from our team of subject-matter experts, designers, engineers, project managers, content writers, and more, we help children realize their ideas and passions into real businesses and products. Here on our Get Inspired page, we bring you some of our most recent success stories with children enrolled in various Moonshot programs.

About Project

The Sania Box embedded computer kit is a build-it-yourself computer that helps children learn to code. The DIY kit was conceived by 13-year old Sania Jain who dreams to make coding more fun and accessible for children around the world. The embedded computer kit also comes with the latest Raspberry Pi Model 4 attached to Sania’s custom add-on board that is pre-loaded with coding lessons and sample programs. This DIY kit was conceived by Sania and co-developed by our team. The Sania Box embedded computer kit was also successfully launched on Kickstarter which crossed over 160% of its funding goals.

About Sania

Sania wanted to create something that empowered children and equipped them with STEAM-based skills like coding that will become even more valuable as time passes. This bright 13-year old coder created the Sania Box to help children easily learn coding without any adult supervision using the DIY computer.

About Project

The Funtastic Box is a quarterly subscription box that comes with specially curated sensory toys for children with autism and other ASDs (Autism Spectrum Disorders). Samvi co-developed the Funtastic Box with our team to make such resources more accessible to children suffering from autism and other ASDs. The safe and durable toys included in the Funtastic Box are designed to keep children engaged and entertained while also promoting the development of crucial skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, speech, and motor skills. The toys included in the box are designed to safely provide sensory stimulus while also encouraging learning and development. The Funtastic Box was successfully launched on March 1, 2020 at an Autism Fundraising event in California.

About Samvi

Samvi, the creator of Funtastic Box wanted to make a resourceful and economically-viable collection of toys specially created to help children with autism. She wanted to make something that engages children in learning while also soothing and calming them, thus, ensuring hours of entertainment and engagement. We helped her turn this vision into a reality with the Funtastic Box.

About Project

The Moon Pi Hub Cam is a Raspberry Pi Zero camera add-on module designed for the Raspberry Pi Zero that incorporates an integrated USB hub. This DIY kit was conceived by Anitez to allow people to use the Raspberry Pi Zero with an integrated camera for a wide variety of fun and useful DIY projects. The Moon Pi Hub Cam is an extremely user-friendly and versatile kit for kids and adults looking to explore DIY projects.

About Anitez

Anitez wanted to introduce the joys of DIY projects and coding to people around the world. His vision includes a future where people are encouraged to be curious, analytical, and creative through the use of DIY tools and resources like the Raspberry Pi.