What is the duration of the program?

This depends on the type of program chosen and the availability of your child and our industry experts. However, all Glider and Rocket (including the initial Explorer stages) run for a minimum duration of 3-5 months provided the kids and the guide are actively available and involved as and when needed.

Is the program offered online or offline ?

Our program is a combination of both online and offline guidance. While we conduct e-learnings sessions through video conferences and pre-recorded lectures, we also conduct telephonic brainstorming, shoot videos, and arrange interviews offline as well. We also facilitate one-on-one multiple interactions with experts whenever a child needs further assistance in their project.

Will the program interfere with my child’s school?

Certainly not! We customize the program accordingly and adjust the module to fit your child’s personal availability for this program. However, you can choose to enroll your child during their spring and summer breaks or at any time convenient for them.

What if my child doesn’t know which program to pursue?

Don’t worry. Apart from the initial sessions where there is dedicate time to explore your child’s interest and develop them, we also have a separate Explorer Program that exposes your child to a variety of future-forward streams so they can decide what they would like to pursue on other programs.

How do the program add to my child’s school curriculum?

School curricula are focused on teaching students a variety of subjects. While essential and important, they do not focus on entrepreneurship and rarely encourage innovation. Our program bridges this gap so that students continue learning at school while also gaining an educational and professional edge with entrepreneurial and innovative skills. The program offer hands-on, product-based learning coupled with STEAM learning – something that is missing even in K-12 STEM programs.

To what extent can parents be involved in this program?

Since our program is meant for children between the ages 10-17, we encourage parents to be involved to a certain extent. This is especially important when making vital decisions as in case of finance-related issues or while communicating with our industry experts or even for ensuring a smooth-sailing and coordinated work submission from your child.

My child has special needs. Can he/she enroll?

Our program is designed to meet the needs of every child. We are always ready to make suitable arrangements to accommodate children with special needs so that they can tap into their innovative and entrepreneurial spirit just like everyone!


Sure, you may withdraw from the program after the completion of an ongoing module (if any) and can choose not to pursue the further modules.

Can I avail of one-on-one interaction sessions with experts on my phone or the medium of my choice?

This depends on a case-to-case basis. We provide interactive sessions with experts as part of our program to enable a better understanding of both parties’ visions. The project managers assigned to your child’s Moonshot would be able to coordinate the same as and when the situation arises. However, over and above the committed sessions with experts, any other extra sessions will entail a separate fee based on the time given by the expert to your child.

Can I enroll two or more of my kids in a program where they build a project together?

Sure you can, if they are about the same age. Our program is customized according to the individual needs of children where assignments, sessions, and learning are based on their age and skills. An age gap between your children might not help us to justify their learning on the same project.

Can my child go on a vacation while pursuing the program?

Yes! Moonshot Junior’s program leave ample room for children to enjoy vacations without compromising on learning.

Does my child receive a certificate after completion of any program?

Of course! All children receive a certificate by Moonshot Jr upon completion of the program and courses.

Is the program open to the entire country?

Yes, our program is available in all states within the country and beyond.