What is the duration of the program and can I leave the program before completion?

Our Innovator Program is one year long and is divided into four stages namely Exploration, Preparation, Product Innovation, and eCommerce where each stage has a duration of three months with a distinct outcome. This means that each stage provides a complete learning experience and is a module as a whole. So, students will gain entrepreneurial knowledge and receive the outcome after the completion of every stage. However, we recommend that students complete the entire program to see the best results.

Will the program interfere with my child’s school?

Our program has been designed in such a way that it does not interrupt your child’s school schedule and curriculum. Students are required to put in only 1-2 hours during weekdays. The remaining sessions, assignments, extracurricular activities are carried out during the weekends.

Is the program offered online or offline?

The program is offered online.

How do you deliver project-based learning in an online format?

Product-based learning is the core of our program. We teach using simulators and ship learning kits developed by Moonshot Jr Innovation Lab to our students so that our mentors can guide them step-by-step during the sessions with their projects.

What if my child doesn’t know which stream to pursue?

The first stage of our program is Exploration where we introduce children to various technologies such as AI, robotics, app development, game development, etc. Children get an insight into various technologies and by the end of this stage, children are able to discover the subject that interests them the most. Children who have already figured out the stream of their choice can directly commence from stage 2 (Preparation).

To what extent can parents be involved in this program?

Since our program is meant for children between the ages 10-17, we encourage parents to be involved to a certain extent. This is especially important when making vital decisions as in case of finance-related issues or while communicating with our industry experts or even for ensuring a smooth-sailing and coordinated work submission from your child.

My child has special needs. Can he/she enroll?

Our program is designed to meet the needs of every child. We are always ready to make suitable arrangements to accommodate children with special needs so that they can tap into their innovative and entrepreneurial spirit just like everyone!

Can I enroll two or more of my kids in a program where they build a project together?

This program is designed to build upon the idea and interest of the child and we believe no two children are alike when it comes to their interests and aptitude even if they are siblings. 

Even though our project guides and subject matter experts are highly trained, they are yet to receive formal training to resolve sibling conflicts! 🙂

On a serious note, in our experience, it is best for each child to build on their own unique individual ideas to extract maximum out of the program.

Can my child go on a vacation while pursuing the program?

Your child can go on a short vacation anytime. However, we recommend that your child complete the stage that they are currently pursuing before taking a long vacation. They can come back and begin the next stage to ensure continuity.

Does my child receive a certificate after completion of any program?

Of course! All children receive a digital certificate by Moonshot Jr upon completion of the Innovator Program.

Is the program open to the entire country?

Yes, our program is available in all states within the country and beyond.

How do you screen your instructors?

Unlike other EdTech companies, Moonshot Jr has a very stringent process in place to hire instructors . Instructors are vetted thoroughly before joining and go through an extensive and rigorous training program. All our instructors are highly qualified and come from reputable colleges and universities.

Why should I choose Moonshot Junior?

Moonshot Jr believes in preparing children for the future where an entrepreneurial mindset will be a necessity to excel in any field, especially since job opportunities will be at an all-time low. Such a future will demand entrepreneurs and innovators who can compete with machines and automation to constantly offer something new.
Our program is uniquely designed to build on the interest and passion of children while paving way for their entrepreneurial journey. Moonshot Junior focuses on giving their students future-ready skills such as AI, Robotics, App Development, Game Development, Home Automation, etc. while helping them understand what it takes to turn an innovative idea into reality. 

Our programs also cover art, video creation, social media marketing, creative writing, etc. to help connect all the pieces that convert an innovative idea into a final commercialized product.

What will a child gain from this program?

Our experts will closely guide students in the process of developing an entrepreneurial mindset based on their interest and skills. It offers a chance to gain hands-on entrepreneurship training through product-development experience.  

Whether the child likes robotics, painting, games, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, or something else, they can learn all about it and build their own products. Moonshot Jr encourages its students to wear their thinking hats and creative capes and come up with innovative ideas and shape them into reality. 

The program is outcome-based and therefore offers a product-first approach to learning. The program will be helping students not just in gaining some exceptional skills but also in building impressive college resumes.

How do I enroll my child into the program?

Our enrollment process is quite simple. All you need to do is go to our pricing page, select the right plan for your child, and register. You can also take our two-week free trial to get an experience of the program.

Do you provide the support needed to create the product?

Yes, our instructors provide complete support needed by the student in every stage to create the product.

Can my child change the stream midway if they are more interested in some other stream?

We have rarely witnessed this as we give an opportunity to all children to explore various streams before discovering their interests. However, if a child is insistent, we can definitely help in changing their stream midway. We have a process in place for any such requests.

What is the payment process and method?

Please visit our pricing page and select the plan that you want to enroll your child in. You can pay the monthly fee or the quarterly fee based on your convenience. You can either pay by credit or debit card or you can make the payment using PayPal. 

Can we request for changing the instructor?

We recommend continuing with the same instructor for the ease of continuity. Along with teaching about futuristic streams, our instructors also understand the mind of the child and understand their likes and interests.

What if my child has an off-hours question?

Each child is assigned to an instructor. They can send their queries to their instructor via email and they respond as soon as possible.

Does my child need to buy anything before the commencement of the program?

No, our students do not have to buy anything before the program assuming they already have a laptop at home. However, once the program begins the students will need learning kits to facilitate experiments and simulations. All these kits are included in our quarterly subscription fee. Monthly subscribers will have to purchase these kits at an actual cost.

How are the students evaluated?

We have a very simple, and yet effective method of evaluating our students in every session. Along with regular quizzes and assignments, we also have two-teacher classrooms, where one is teaching and the other is observing the students for their knowledge assimilation, interaction, and interest in the session.