Innovator and Tech Entrepreneurship Program for Kids

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Moonshot Jr’s Innovator Program is a combination of exploration, education, and product development experience for children between age 10-17. It aims to help them excel in their future academic choices and careers with an entrepreneurial mindset.

The program stands out because it aims to nurture children’s interests and skills through guided, learning. The program puts special emphasis on discovering their interests and getting knowledge in specific areas of choice.

This program is exclusive as it offers hands-on learning apart from real-life entrepreneurship exposure to children. The program also gives an opportunity to children in building stellar resumes for the future.

Rising Moonshoters

Sania, 13

Raised $8000 on Kickstarter via Entrepreneurial venture Sania Box

Samvi Ranka, 13

Delivered a powerful TEDx session, Innovator Funtastic Box

Anitez, 15

Ready to launch his entrepreneurship-cum-technological innovation Moon Pi Hub Cam

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Program Highlights

Learning based on individual interests
Early exposure to entrepreneurship
Unique streams to choose from
Project-based learning (PBL)
Get prepared for the “Future of Work”

Program Outcome

Students Explore Futuristic Streams: Students get an
overview on streams that have a future, high-demand forecast (robotics, AI, app development, game development, etc.)

Technical Knowledge: Students get technical knowledge on their chosen stream/streams from those available in the program.

Product-Development Cycle: Students learn about the
product-development cycle (Empathize,Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test)

Ecommerce: Students learn about the various eCommerce and Crowdfunding platforms wherethey will launch their product.

We prepare your child enter tomorrow's world by teaching them the right skills

through our patent 4 Stage Approach

Identify Interests

Here the child is taken
through 17 sessions
where they explore
futuristic streams and
find one of their liking

Product Ideation and Plan

Here the child digs
deep into their chosen
subject with our
product-first learning
technique. We offer
subjects like Robotics,
Arduino, Raspberry Pi,
AI, Automation and
many more

Design develop and build product

Here the child works
towards applying the
knowledge into
creating a Moonshot.
The child is taken
through the five
stages of product

Launch Product

Here the child learns
all about eCommerce
and prepares to
launch their Moonshot
on Various

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Futuristic Stream

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