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Prashant Pundir

Prashant Pundir

Top 10 Robotics Project Ideas for Kids

Who isn’t fascinated by robots? Well, they’re simply too cool. I know the kids agree with me. Robots make light work of the most complex of tasks and don’t we all deserve a little bit of rest? 

From the scrupulous robots in the manufacturing line carrying out monotonous tasks to the ones collecting data on Mars, all robots are equally engrossing. They even make great movie characters and are loved and admired by kids all over the globe. 

There were 12 million robotic units worldwide in 2020. Between 2020 and 2022, there would be a 12% increase in shipments of robots worldwide. 88% of businesses worldwide plan to adopt robotic automation into their infrastructure. These fascinating robotics industry statistics show that robotics is at an all-time high.



I am pretty sure that most kids have a favorite Robot character or one that they’ve created in their imaginative minds. But hey, what about building your own robot? Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Most kids do not get ample opportunities to learn robotics in school. Having said that, it is a subject that is gaining tremendous amounts of recognition and educational institutions are now willing to inculcate robotics in their curriculum.


Source- Statista

If you’re going to take up your own Robotics project, it is important to make the right choice. Robotics assists kids in developing creativity, logical thinking, and curiosity.

A robotics project to start out with should be complex enough to provide a good hands-on learning experience as well as easy enough so that kids don’t lose their confidence and miss the fun element of making it. Kids should feel like the robot is their brainchild.

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Here are 10 Robotics Project Ideas for which you can work upon to get started with your Robotics journey –


1. Line Follower Robot

To get started with robotics, this is the simplest robotics project. Your own robot can detect the black line and follow it with the help of digital IR sensors with no deviation. To make the robot work, your kid will use the simple drag and drop scratch-based programming and program the Arduino. The program can also be modified later for other robotics operations. 


2. Leaping Robot Frog

An interesting and incredibly fun project. Kids will need readied amenities such as AA batteries, one pop can, a DC motor popsicle sticks, and one battery holder. This project is ideal for beginners or those who don’t have computer skills as it doesn’t require coding. 

However, to maintain safety standards it is important to keep an eye on the kids as they’ll be using tools like X-Acto knife and scissors. There you see the robot leaping and jumping like a frog. So very amusing!


3. Mobile Controlled Robot

Make a robot that can be controlled and commanded using your mobile phone. The DTMF technology helps the robot to communicate with the user and perform actions accordingly. To make the robot work, your kid will use the simple drag and drop scratch-based programming.


4. Robot Car

Children play a lot with toy cars. Well, allow them to understand the mechanics behind them with this robotics project. Some of the required materials are two skewers, two AAA batteries, a firm block of foam, straws, and four bottle lids for wheels. 

You can experiment by adding googly eyes and a pipe cleaner for a mouth and add more charm to the robot. Adult supervision is suggested as kids will be using dangerous items such as X-Acto knife, hot glue gun, butte knife, scissors. When completed, the results are amazing leaving children with a sense of accomplishment. 


5. Fire Fighting Robot

This robotics project is extremely useful and engrossing to make. Your robot will detect fire from a remote location and take steps in that direction to blow it off. Digital IR sensors will help the robot to detect the fire, the DC motors will help it move along in that direction and a DC miniature fan will blow off the fire. 

To make the robot work, your kid will use simple drag and drop scratch-based programming. 


6. Mini Robot Bug

A few simple steps and you transform a clothespin into a mini robot bug. You need easily available cheap items such as two LEDs for glowing eyes, one vibrating motor, a coin cell lithium battery, paper clips and wires. 

Place your mini robot bug on smooth surfaces and watch it move quickly. The soldering part can be taken up by adults or kids can do that under their supervision. The results are really fascinating so don’t be surprised if you find your kid making many of them. 


7. Propeller Car

If you’re a car enthusiast, then you should definitely try this engaging and equally fun robotics project. For effortless acceleration, pick up light stuff such as bamboo sticks, balsa, foam board, stiff cardboard, or anything of that nature. To allow the car to move swiftly, use light wheels and make the car lightweight. 

An easy, straightforward process. Kids can also paint their favorite colors to make the car look more attractive. 


8. Soccer Playing Robot

Kids love soccer, don’t they? A very popular robotics project and a very simple one to make. Call your friends, sit down together and design your own smartphone-controlled soccer-playing robots. A game of robot soccer sounds nice, how about challenging each other? 

The programming for the DIY soccer-playing robot is based in PictoBlox, a graphical, kid-friendly programming software. This is one of the easiest and fun robotics projects. 


9. Gesture Controlled Robot

Build your robot that can be controlled and commanded using hand gestures. This project follows the same video game principle that your kid plays on the mobile phone. An accelerometer helps the robot to communicate with the user and perform actions accordingly. Your hand forward, the robot turns forward. Your hand turns back, the robot moves back. So amazing, isn’t it? 

To make the robot work, your kid will use the simple drag and drop scratch-based programming. Kids can also use PictoBlox and mobile application Dabble. 


10. Four-Legged Walking Robot

Four-legged sounds like a complicated task but don’t you worry, it isn’t. Move forward step by step and everything will be easy to implement. The required material includes a DC motor, battery pack, glue, and a battery holder. 

The robot must have maximum stability so it’s always better to give the same length to all the legs for smooth movement. This project helps kids understand engineering concepts such as leg and body motion control. 


In a nutshell

Robots are a renowned figure in today’s world and their global impact economically and socially makes it clear that kids of today’s generation must be technologically prepared. Robotic projects allow kids to learn the basic concepts of science, physics and engineering. 

Robotics as a subject has gained tremendous popularity and some of the best educational institutions around the world are providing platforms for kids to come, express and innovate. 

Moonshot Jr’s Robotic Course is a unique blend of gaining the technical knowledge of robotics and entrepreneurial skills. Children who have a basic understanding of robotics will have the potential to become the innovators of tomorrow. So, do you want to see your child as tomorrow’s leader?


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