Hire right people for your startup

Identifying the Suitable Employee for Your Startup

Businesses thrive when like-minded people come together and work as a team. But how does one find the right person for the job? Finding the right fit for your company could mean hundreds of potential candidates and long hours of interviews. Even then, you may not see the one with

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Home Automation For Kids

The Present and Future of Home Automation for Kids

You wake up hurriedly at 5:30 A.M. from the sweet murmuring sound of the alarm clock. But wait, the alarm clock went a bit earlier than usual? Did it develop a fault? No, the smart clock does not want you to miss out on that crucial presentation you have to

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Why is it important to learn robotics?

Why Should Your Kid Study Robotics Today?

Preparedness for the future must be the top priority while planning your child’s education. Robotics can prepare children for the AI-dominated future that would be technologically advanced than the present that has already revolutionized the world with AI, driverless cars, robots, etc.  Automation has affected the job market, so much

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app development for kids

App Development: Let Your Child Invent

Let’s face it; your child knows how to operate your phone better than you do. That doesn’t say less about you, but it goes to show that a child’s brain develops much faster. They are quick to grasp and learn technology and not to mention become experts at games. So,

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game development for kids

Why Should Your Child Learn Game Development?

Technology is future proof, and Game Development is one arm of the technology. So, the choice to learn game development could translate into a brighter future because it helps to gain technical knowledge and growth. It does not just help in enhancing your programming skills such as C++, C#, HTML5,

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robotics for kids

8 Reasons Why Every Child Should Learn Robotics

   There is always a nurturer and a flower. In today’s day and age, you can say that technology is the nurturer and the world is the flower or vice versa. The truth is, the advancements in technology have led to the progression of society in umpteen ways, socially as

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