Moonshot Jr partners with Chatshala

Moonshot Junior Teams Up with Chatshala to Educate and Empower the Future Workforce

Skill-based education is the stepping stone to a brighter future. Currently, the popularity of skill-based education, which is about experiential learning, is soaring high because it has several long-term benefits–it inculcates innovative and critical thinking, and develops problem-solving skills in children. 

Profound changes in technology are gradually disrupting the conventional education system and replacing it with skill-based learning. EdTech space is abuzz with old and new players who focus on educating and empowering children to prepare them for the future. 

Interestingly, interest-based organizations are joining forces to further fuel the drive to build a future workforce and empower them to tackle the challenges of the technological revolution.

Silicon Valley-based Moonshot Junior traced the common concerns and interests in India-based Chatshala. Both organizations are exploring tech education to provide the best solutions for children for holistic education. Therefore, it was evident that both organizations should join hands to disrupt the education system with their innovative and skill-based learning techniques.

Chatshala is an educational initiative that helps children in discovering their passion, exploring and converting them into a profitable profession. They systematically divided the learning module into four stages–Counselling, Basic Learning, Systematic Learning, and Leadership Funnel–covering a wide range of technical skills and soft skills.

Moonshot Junior Inc. forayed into the EdTech space with the Innovator Program, a 4-stage learning module to develop a technical, entrepreneurial, and innovative mindset among children. These skills are critical for a brighter future, and the program achieves that by focusing on outcome-based learning, hands-on training, and product development experience.

Moonshot Junior is also engaging children through fun learning tools – learning kits, gamification of learning, and tech camps. The innovative curriculum is helping in inculcating critical skills in children.  

The two learning platforms are allowing children to decide what they want to learn, creating opportunities for them to explore technology and how to use it to fulfill their dreams. These platforms are also channelizing children’s unbridled curiosity in the right direction with the help of world-class mentors.   

The common thread connecting the two organizations has blurred the boundaries, and today, they are pushing the envelope to make children future savvy. 

Alok Jain, Co-founder, and CEO of Moonshot Junior Inc. are leaving no stones unturned to change the learning process and make it future savvy. 

“There is a saying, alone you can do so little; together you can do a lot. I am glad about our alliance with Chatshala. It’s an honor to work with an organization that is providing cutting-edge learning solutions to make the children future-ready. The partnership will boost tech education solutions in new territories. We want to reach out to as many children as possible and allow them to understand the requirement of the future,” said Alok.

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