Induprakas Keri Joins Moonshot Junior

Induprakas Keri Joins Moonshot Jr as an Investor & Advisor

Induprakas Keri, a successful technology leader, is known for his rich experience in innovative technologies and good business sense. He has scripted many success sagas with his inventive technical ideas, instinctive business acumen, and people skills. Moonshot Junior is bound to benefit from his technical competence and business acumen.

Moonshot Junior Inc., a Silicon Valley-based, educational-management start-up specializing in an entrepreneurial and innovation-centric program for children, is delighted to welcome Induprakas Keri, a professional with a rare combination of technical brilliance, business acumen, and people management skills, on board.

Induprakas is a prolific leader with over two decades of practical experience with product, engineering, security, general management, and board experience during exponential growth and turnaround situations. His flourishing career has achieved many milestones. His long list of accomplishments includes creating net new businesses, scaling existing businesses, successful turnarounds, and driving change at scale.

Induprakas is an Alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India.

Alok Jain, Moonshot Junior CEO and Co-founder, an IIT alumnus himself, welcomes Induprakas to the Moonshot Junior family and says that he trusts his business instincts and insights. 

“Induprakas is a leader with a vision and business sense. He has successfully led many challenging projects. I am sure his business acumen and his technical expertise will help us in maximizing our growth. Working with experts like him helps in making the right decisions and boost the business,” says Alok.

About Moonshot Junior, Inc.

Moonshot Junior Inc. is a start-up that is remodeling the concept of empowering today’s innovators and turning them into tomorrow’s entrepreneurs through project-based learning and product development experience. Our community strives to uncover and nurture the STEAM skills in children with the help of our innovation and entrepreneurship-centric, SaaS-model-based program. 

Our community and platform are an overlay around the ideas, projects, and products straight out of the creative minds of children between 10-17 years, with guidance from experts.

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