Honesty, Trust and Confidence are the Key Ingredients to Affiliate Marketing

Honesty. Trust. Confidence. Honesty leads to trust and trust culminates into confidence. Preachy, but significant. Be it your personal or professional space, if these words are your best friends, your chances of success are higher than the rest. They are not mere words, but a testimony of the fact that you are doing things appropriately and its boon if your name is a synonym to these words. 

An ex-colleague of mine is a tech reviewer. He is also a foodie and reviews food apps. Quite a combo – tech and food!  What made him popular among his readers and friends was that he would not review a product without testing it. For instance, he would put the food apps to test by following the instructions, trying recipes, noting down experiences of each step, and sharing the same with the audience who adore him for his honesty and go by his recommendation.

Any work in any field hinges on honesty, trust, and confidence. It applies in affiliate marketing too. A blogger’s fan base is synonymous with trust and confidence. A successful blogger with a large fan base is an ideal source for affiliate marketing, but it also means enormous responsibility, the responsibility of not letting down their followers.

Affiliate marketing is an agreement between a brand and a marketer who helps the brand sell its product by recommending them. 

For example, if you are in the education industry and write about educational programs, becoming an affiliate at Moonshot Jr will  allow you to promote our unique program and at the same time with every sale that you make you get an opportunity to earn.  

Honest recommendations matter the most in the online business. You must have noticed the growing trend of customer testimonials on e-commerce websites. Why do you think the websites encourage buyers to share experiences? Because a buyer’s testimony is the best recommendation for the product. 

The COVID-19 impact is not hidden from anyone. Talking about the aftermath of the pandemic, the World Bank forecasts that the global economy will shrink by 5.2% this year. Not just that! The International Labour Organization report says that nearly 25 million jobs could be lost worldwide because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

It has also changed the consumer’s spending pattern. They are spending cautiously, rather sensibly. Most importantly, they want value for money. Shopping is not more fun. According to an Accenture report, 50 percent of consumers rank financial security as one of their top three priorities—a rise of more than one third in the last three months.  In such a scenario, carelessness could result in a loss for the follower, and it could be fatal for the affiliate marketer, especially for the beginners.

Affiliate marketing could be both – a lucrative career option and a vital source of income provided you are making informed and responsible recommendations. Recommend and promote products as per the requirements of your audiences. Answers questions like why are they coming to your website? Interpret their behavioral pattern, analyze and assess their motive, and guide them to the right products. 

Have you heard of KYC? KYC means Know Your Customer or Know Your Client. It is a popular term used in financial organizations where verification of the customers’ identities is mandatory. Similarly, affiliate marketers must know their audience like what do they want? What do they like? What are their requirements? Understanding their needs and requirements can help strategize and monetize the recommendations better.

It could be better understood via example. To expand your business, you associate yourself with as an affiliate marketer. Your niche is technology. What will you recommend to your audience? You cannot recommend everything. You will focus on technological innovations by Moonshot Jr. because that would make sense to your audience.

The time is good and bad both. Good online business has witnessed a surge in the traffic, bad because people’s spending power has plummeted drastically and those with comparatively deep pockets are saving for the future.

Affiliate marketing is a boon if done honestly. A slip up could be disastrous because dissecting information and unearthing truth is easier in the digital era. Establishing your name again in the business would be an uphill task, so be cautious. Haste and carelessness could be disastrous. Continue to keep your cash register ringing, but without compromising on honesty, trust, and confidence.

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