Eco Bottles Echoes Eco-friendly Alternative


Eco Bottles Echoes Eco-friendly Alternative

Today’s children are tomorrow’s innovators and problem solvers. Problem solvers are excellent observers too. The 13-year-old Sania Jain possesses these two qualities – she notices things other children might miss and tries to provide a solution to those problems. Eco Bottles result from her endeavor to create a unique eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles. 

Her intention was not just to encourage healthy drinking habits among children but also to sensitize them about the threats to the environment and the importance of preserving it. The eco-friendly bottles broadly cover major environmental issues such as – Climate Change, Waste Management, Oceans and Fisheries, Deforestation, Water, and Biodiversity – under three themes—Global warming, Animal Poaching, and Marine Pollution. Our lifestyle affects our environment, and these eco-friendly bottles can contribute to conservation and awareness about the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle in several ways. 

Here are the five ways Eco Bottles can conserve the environment and promote awareness:

Healthy Alternative to Plastic: An article on the National Geographic website reported that most plastic items release a tiny amount of chemicals into the beverages or food they contain. As temperature and time increase, the chemical bonds in the plastic increasingly break down and chemicals are more likely to leach. According to the FDA, the amounts of the chemicals are too minuscule to cause health problems, but in the long-term, those small doses could add up in a big way. To avoid health hazards, storing water in a copper bottle, jug, or a water container would be beneficial because it purifies water. In fact, Eco Bottles can be a healthier option for those adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

Eco Friendly: The Eco Bottles couldn’t have come at a better time. The world is changing, people are becoming environmentally conscious and adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Not just that, the reports show that people are keen to teach the next generation about the environmentally friendly lifestyle. These non-toxic, safe-to-use bottles fit into the scheme of things because copper can be reused and recycled, causing no harm to the environment. The connoisseurs of a sustainable lifestyle can encourage their children to replace plastic bottles with cool and colorful Eco Bottle to reduce plastic waste.

Inspire Others: We know the benefits of peer-to-peer learning and Eco Bottles can inspire others to create different environment-friendly products that could be beneficial in the long run. Plastic is everywhere, so just like Sania, other children can focus on innovating and substituting everyday things that are made of plastic. It will also help children understand how our lifestyle has put our resources at risk. It will serve Sania’s purpose of inspiring and motivating children to protect the environment by creating nature-friendly products. 

Power of Words:  It is well known that repetition improves learning. According to the learning curve theory, when you learn something new, repetition is essential. A message heard or read repeatedly stays in your mind, hence when the Eco Bottles will become part of everyday life, the message on the bottles will help in sensitizing both the parents and the children about the issues related to the environment and the importance of having environment-friendly habits. According to the researchers, repetition has the power to change our minds. 

Eco-friendly Community Building: Eco Bottles can connect like-minded children practicing a sustainable lifestyle and keen on innovating eco-friendly products. Thanks to advanced technology, the world has become a global village. Modern technology can link like-minded children from various parts of the world to contribute by finding ways to mitigate the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. Their passion and endeavors can yield far-reaching environmental benefits in the long run. 

Sustainable development is a need of an hour and a report by the United Nations Environment Program mentioned that there are encouraging signs that society is understanding the impact of their daily choices and they are weaving sustainability into their daily decision-making.

Eco Bottles can be an important contribution to make the world a better place. As they say, a small step can lead to a bigger change.

Eco Bottles are live on Kickstarter. You can check this product out here

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