AI for Kids: What You Need to Know

Artificial Intelligence for Kids
Soumi Pandey

Soumi Pandey

AI for Kids: What You Need to Know

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is empowering the future and significantly impacting our day-to-day lives. Whether you are using facial recognition to unlock your phones or booking a cab on Uber, you are using AI-enabled technology without even realizing it. Today, almost every organization uses some form of AI to run its business operations smoothly. 

AI presents a surplus of opportunities for young innovators to design, develop, and build products for the future. Many parents are keen on teaching their children about AI but don’t know where to begin. Luckily, Moonshot Jr is here to help your child understand, learn, and apply AI in various fields. 

What Exactly is AI?

To explain in simple terms, AI is a machine replica of the human brain which stores information, interprets and learns from the data, and updates itself. It is a computer program that imitates intelligence similar to humans or animals to perform functions such as learning, problem-solving, projecting, etc.

Although AI simulation mimics human intelligence, it is devoid of any emotions or consciousness. For instance, voice recognition technology can sense the vocal quality and features of a person, but it cannot sense if the voice is angry, sad, happy, etc. AI is the driving force behind technologies such as robotics, home automation, game development, app development, sensors, and more.

AI is no longer limited to the technology industry, but it is used across diverse fields to improve products and services and enhance user experience. In fact, it is influencing every aspect of the society we live in. 

Something as basic as a video streaming app uses AI to collect data about the shows you have been watching and suggests similar content that suits your taste. From smartphones to self-driven cars, artificial intelligence makes it all possible. 

Why Should Your Child Learn AI?

AI is already taking over the world, and the future holds endless possibilities. Therefore, the next generation needs to equip themselves with as much information as possible about this technology. Your child is already exposed to artificial intelligence in their everyday life, and gaining an early education in this field can only benefit them further in their growth. 

With an online program such as Moonshot Jr’s Innovator Program, your child can use their knowledge of AI to build products for the future. Here are some more reasons to ponder on why your child needs to learn AI.

1. Helps Learn Coding

Coding seems to be the much-needed skill of the hour. Children as young as 10 years old are learning to code today. Artificial intelligence gives your child exposure to coding, wherein they can develop enhanced skills such as logical reasoning, mathematical analysis, problem-solving, and others. 

Not only that but artificial intelligence also gives students an opportunity to explore its uses in real-world scenarios. For example, Moonshot Jr guides your child to use AI to build products that can solve real-world problems. Thus, AI can make coding more intriguing and engaging for children, giving them new directions to find solutions. 

2. Good For Career Growth

Although researchers believe that AI will soon be replacing several jobs, it will also create millions of career opportunities for the next generation. Starting early on this bandwagon will therefore prove advantageous for children. Your child can understand the extent of AI applications and will be able to proceed in a futuristic direction. 

Besides, it will get them hooked-on to the know-hows of their favorite apps and games, making them learn more.

If your child is well-versed in AI and machine learning, it is likely to provide them with job security in the future and probably a higher-paying job too. According to a report, AI can create more than 58 million jobs in the upcoming years and increase the world economy to more than $15trillion by 2030. 

Hence, one of the crucial reasons for your child to study AI is its direct impact on their career. 

3. Makes Them Understand Data Flow

Everything around us is driven by data, especially the digital world. AI can help your child understand how to collect, analyze, and use data for various purposes. Industries compile vast amounts of data every day, and exposing your child to these sets can help them develop futuristic skills. 

Learning about AI can help your child understand the ever-changing world of technology and its positive outcomes. It can guide them to analyze data and generate business prospects and can even lead them to become data scientists.

4. Develops Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

Artificial intelligence provides solutions to various problems by interpreting data and finding answers. Thus, learning about AI can help your child develop problem-solving abilities

Instead of running away from an issue at hand, your child will learn to understand the core of the situation, apply logic, and find a suitable solution. Thus, it also helps them develop critical thinking skills.

Learning about AI can broaden your child’s thinking capacity and gives a boost to their creativity. They will not be bound by present limitations to explore scenarios and find innovative solutions. AI will guide them to grow as individuals. 

5. They Can Positively Impact the Society

AI can significantly and positively improve the society we live in. With an education in AI and machine learning, your child can develop solutions across industries such as medicine, home automation, transportation, media, and much more. 

Today, AI is making it possible for world leaders to run their countries smoothly. For instance, with AI technology, nations can determine and be prepared for natural calamities. As technology progresses, your child too can grow, and therefore, they should invest their time in learning about AI.

How Does Moonshot Jr Help Your Child?

Moonshot Jr is invested in building young entrepreneurs of tomorrow using future technology. Educating these young minds in artificial intelligence and machine learning is an important aspect of the Innovator Program. Your child gets exposed to fields related to these technologies such as robotics, sensors, home automation, game development, app development, coding, and more. 

Using AI, your child will be able to explore their interests and further their development in that field. They become aware of the fundamentals and applications of AI technology and its future. Thus, guiding them in developing skills such as logical reasoning, cognitive thinking, problem-solving, enhanced creativity, and more. 

Moreover, the Innovator Program teaches your child to design and build their own products using AI and machine learning.  

Moonshot Jr nurtures your child and gives them a nudge in the right direction. Your child grows with mentorship from experts in AI, helping them academically and professionally. With an understanding of AI with Moonshot Jr, your child can have the upper hand while facing problems that need creative solutions.  

Final Words

Artificial intelligence is already here, but it is transforming. The future holds endless possibilities for this technology, giving progressive opportunities to diverse industries. Educating your child in AI technology may seem cumbersome, but it is essential for their future. 

The next generation can create wonders with the information and knowledge they will possess about this developing technology. So, teach your child about AI with Moonshot Jr and allow them to explore their potential and create the world they want to live in.

To know more how Moonshot Jr can help your child, contact us today!

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