Entrepreneurial Mindset in Teens

Need for Entrepreneurial Mindset in Teens

Need for Entrepreneurial Mindset in Teens In today’s day and age, the significance and the role that entrepreneurship plays in our society has widely been recognised. The importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset is immense and those who possess entrepreneurial skills find themselves punching above their weights in today’s demanding

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teach entrepreneurship with moonpreneur business strategy game

How to Teach Entrepreneurship to Your Kids Using Moonpreneur Game

Many business leaders in the world today have started their journey from their early years. With the growth of the internet, children are getting exposed to opportunities at a very young age. Children of this millennium generation are already set to take their first steps into the entrepreneurial world. They

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become kidpreneur with moonpreneur board game

7 Ways How Moonpreneur Can Help Your Kid to Be a Kidpreneur

Gamification in teaching and learning is becoming more and more common. Some subjects, more than others, are a little difficult for children to grasp. Teaching these subjects should be done in a way in which children not only learn it but also enjoy it. Most parents think that studying or

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best entrepreneurship game of 2021

Moonpreneur: Why You Should Try This Entrepreneurship Game in 2021

Moonshot Jr thrives on the entrepreneurial learning concept and its latest innovation Moonpreneur, a board game, which is high on stimulation tools, further drives the disruptive concept. The game will push the players into the world of entrepreneurship in the most entertaining and fun manner. Such is the premise of

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5 Ways Moonpreneur Will Teach Children About Entrepreneurship

Why Moonpreneur is a Great Way to Teach Your Children About Entrepreneurship The demands of today’s world are rising rapidly. Gone are the days when children could just rely on academic excellence to provide them with opportunities to sustain a successful life. In this day and age, with the upsurge

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How to Protect Children From Online Threats?

How to Protect Children From Online Threats? The internet was a threat before COVID-19. After COVID-19, it has become an even bigger threat. It’s well-known how pandemic has disrupted our lives and how online became the new normal in the aftermath of COVID-19.  The education system was hit hard by

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11 Ways How To Inspire Creative Thinking In Kids

11 Ways to Ignite the Spark of Creative Thinking Among Kids

The marvel of creative thinking isn’t just confined to art, literature, colors, expression, languages, and drawings, but it also transforms the way of life. It makes people more receptive towards different perspectives, emerge as better problem solvers, and adjust to technological advances.  Most people mistake creativity as inborn talent, but

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