Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning: How it Helps Learn and Retain Knowledge

Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience: David Kolb Experience is a treasure. It provides both – wealth of knowledge and wisdom – something that cannot be earned otherwise. The way the dynamics of the world are changing and the way technology is getting

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Best Robotics Summer Camps in the USA

6 Robotics Summer Camps – What are the Options?

Children are fascinated by robots. They connect with robots easily. So much so that in schools and colleges, an increasing number of students opt for robotics nowadays. They enjoy participating in robotics competitions. Their quest to know how robots work motivates them to explore the technology and take up robotics-related

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Best Summer Tech Camps

6 Best Summer Tech Camps in the US for 2021

Children are far more capable than we can imagine. Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget, known for his research work on child development, had proved it long back. He discovered that “children are active builders of knowledge-little scientists who construct their theories of the world.”  Quite true. If you want to discover

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select the right summer camp for your child in 2021

Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Summer Camp for Your Child

When someone says ‘summer camp,’ the first thing that comes to mind is days of fun-filled activities that build your child’s confidence. But did you know that there are various types of summer camps? A summer camp need not only be outdoors; your child can explore an art-related camp, a

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Moonshot Jr News in Feb 2021

Moonshot Jr Newsroom: Encapsulating February 2021 Endeavors

Moonshot Junior is abuzz with activities as our team is constantly ideating, innovating, and setting new goals to empower children to flourish in the technological ecosystem. We bring to you updates on our initiatives plus insight into our latest developments in February 2021. 1. Moonshot Junior’s MoonCamp unveiled in three

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how summer camps foster learning in kids

How Summer Camps Can Foster a Love for Learning in Your Kid

With the vacations soon approaching, most parents must be wondering how to get the best out of the summer holidays for their children. Summers are meant for jollification, and it is best to fill the mundane hot summer days with enthusiasm.  Summer camps are one of the best possible options

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parents should take an active role in children's learning

How to Support Your Child’s Learning with Active Involvement

In today’s day and age, parents want their children to be active learners. It is important to get the best out of children and nourish their involvement in studies. Active learning is a great way to enhance the scope of education for children and make them think independently. Students become

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