Age of Automation: Is Your Child Ready?

Work gives us a sense of self-worth. For hundreds of years, surnames of people were carved out of their profession. If we take a glance back towards England, Smith was used for blacksmiths, Miller was used for grain mill operators, Weaver was used for clothes makers. Children inherited the tradition

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robotics projects for kids

Top 10 Robotics Project Ideas for Kids

Who isn’t fascinated by robots? Well, they’re simply too cool. I know the kids agree with me. Robots make light work of the most complex of tasks and don’t we all deserve a little bit of rest? From the scrupulous robots in the manufacturing line carrying out monotonous tasks to

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learn robotics fundamentals

Top 6 Tips for Kids to Learn the Fundamentals of Robotics

Yes! We have now invented flying cars, and soon the era of “The Jetsons” will be here before you know it. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are taking over the world one human at a time. So, should we be scared of it? Nope. We need to prepare for this revolution.

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College Admission Tips - How to Get into Your Dream College

Expert Opinion: How to Get into Your Dream College

Getting into dream colleges and universities, particularly Ivy League schools, isn’t impossible, but it can be challenging on various levels. Applying to a college is an experience that is guided by excitement and anxiety. Students are faced with rigid academic standards set by top colleges or universities. In the process

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Hire right people for your startup

Identifying the Suitable Employee for Your Startup

Businesses thrive when like-minded people come together and work as a team. But how does one find the right person for the job? Finding the right fit for your company could mean hundreds of potential candidates and long hours of interviews. Even then, you may not see the one with

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Home Automation For Kids

The Present and Future of Home Automation for Kids

You wake up hurriedly at 5:30 A.M. from the sweet murmuring sound of the alarm clock. But wait, the alarm clock went a bit earlier than usual? Did it develop a fault? No, the smart clock does not want you to miss out on that crucial presentation you have to

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Why is it important to learn robotics?

Why Should Your Kid Study Robotics Today?

Preparedness for the future must be the top priority while planning your child’s education. Robotics can prepare children for the AI-dominated future that would be technologically advanced than the present that has already revolutionized the world with AI, driverless cars, robots, etc.  Automation has affected the job market, so much

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