Benefits of Coding For Kids

Coding for Kids: Why Should Every Child Learn to Code?

Coding for kids? Sounds like a real uphill task, doesn’t it? But no, it’s not. For today’s children, it has almost become a necessity to engage in the concepts of the 21st century. Coding is not just the red-hot topic in today’s day and age, but it is also a

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Benefits and Feature of Moonshot Jr Embedded Learner Board

Embedded Learner Board – Features and Benefits

The creative minds out there are constantly churning our feasible, affordable, and easily available embedded boards for tech buffs to experiment and discover better solutions. Designing an embedded system is one part of the innovation story. Accessorizing them to enhance their performance is another part of the story.  Some of

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how to improve communication skills in child

Improve Communication Skills for Children – 10 Easy Ways

Expressions are widely considered to be a form of art. All of us seem to have our own ways to excel in this form of art and manifest our thoughts and feelings into explicable ventures. Reading and writing are two facets that are extremely important to the overall growth of

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how to become a child blogger

How to Become a Successful Child Blogger? Start Your Blog in 2021

Imagination. Creation. Reaction. And much more. Each one of them is vast and one can come up with a wide range of topics by digging each one meticulously. Those topics can be spun into interesting and intriguing narratives.  A blog could be your observation about something; your imagination, your creation

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Embedded Learner Board features and codes

Embedded Learner Board – A DIY Embedded Learning Kit for Children

Educators look for low-cost solutions that are easily available in the market, out of the box ready to use, modular, and self-explanatory. To start learning embedded systems, the first thing that is pretty basic and common is Arduino and Raspberry Pi. These two embedded boards are feature-rich, compact size with

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what moonpreneur board game teach you

10 Things You Can Learn From Moonpreneur Game

If you are looking for some engaging and fun-learning family time, turn towards playing a board game and reap its many surprising benefits. Playing a board game benefits the brain and boosts language development. Board games are generally considered to be a fun activity for an eventful family night but

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6 Best Family Board Games for 2021

6 Best Family Board Games for 2021 Games! What comes to your mind when you hear this word? Nowadays, we often associate technological inventions such as mobile, PC, or cloud with games? PC, console, mobile, cloud, and Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) gaming is the outcome of the

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