Top Robotics Facts

Astonishing Robotics Facts You Didn’t Know About

“We’re fascinated with robots because they are reflections of ourselves” –  Ken Goldberg Is it possible that robots are true representations of us? What did the first robot look like? What exactly does the term “robot” imply? Here you may learn about amazing robot trivia, history, and much more. Everyone

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VR for Kids

Virtual Reality for Kids – All You Need To Know

All of us associate Virtual Reality (VR) with scenarios from Sci-fi movies. Nevertheless, the reality is that VR technology in today’s day and age is integrated into our everyday life. We’re on the brink of a virtual reality pivotal moment (VR).  The Oculus Quest, for example, is a very cool piece

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New Year's Resolutions for Kids

Top 13 New Year’s Resolutions for Kids in 2022

Setting goals is a critical component of a child’s growth since it teaches them responsibility. They figure out how to make commitments and how to keep those promises. Setting a New Year’s resolution is a great example of accomplishing a substantial goal, and it’s a good habit to develop at

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Augmented Reality for Kids

Augmented Reality for Kids: All You Need To Know

Traditional classroom learning techniques are becoming irrelevant as technology is evolving on a daily basis. Education is becoming more digitized, engaging, and interactive as a byproduct of emerging technologies. Augmented Reality is at the heart of all of these technologies (AR). When it comes to augmented reality, it isn’t a

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best crowdfunding platform

Top 5 Crowdfunding Platforms to Launch your Next Campaign

In today’s world, the most crucial decision is to select a crowdfunding platform. The days of face-to-face and over-the-phone fundraising are over; this is the modern era, and your efforts must go beyond these features to ensure the success of your crowdfunding campaign. Whether it’s a business, non-profit, or a

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Raspberry Pi vs Arduino: What’s Best for Kids

What is an Arduino, exactly? What is a Raspberry Pi, and how does it work? Raspberry Pi or Arduino, which one is better? A development board can assist in the completion of a basic DIY electronics project. Understanding how they differ can be tough when it comes to selecting the

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How to Get Started Building Your Own Robot

Are you interested in Robotics? Do you dream of building a robot from scratch?  All of this could be possible if you commence your learning in robotics. Robotics is a very fascinating subject and easy to learn even for complete beginners.  We’ve put together a blog to help you get

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Moonshot Jr Presents ‘The Pitch Fest’ for Isha Vidhya Schools

Moonshot Jr, in association with Isha Vidhya schools, presents ‘The Pitch Fest’ for Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development Program (ELDP) in January-February 2022. The ELDP is powered by S2Tech and Fortune Fund. Designed for entrepreneurship enthusiasts, the intensive Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development Program (ELDP) introduces a student to a viable, sought-after

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