How to Get Started Building Your Own Robot

It could be that you’re dreaming of making an appearance on a robot fighting television some fine day, or maybe you just want to try out something new, but for all the various reasons robotics is an extremely fascinating industry for tech enthusiasts – and one that is easy-going even

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Moonshot Jr Presents ‘The Pitch Fest’ for Isha Vidhya Schools

Moonshot Jr, in association with Isha Vidhya schools, presents ‘The Pitch Fest’ for Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development Program (ELDP) in January-February 2022. The ELDP is powered by S2Tech and Fortune Fund. Designed for entrepreneurship enthusiasts, the intensive Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development Program (ELDP) introduces a student to a viable, sought-after

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How to Choose Robotics Classes for Kids – A Guide for Parents

Creating robots is one of the most fun tasks and a great way to combine technology, science, and engineering. Robots are quite popular among kids because they’re simply very cool. Robotics is one of the fastest-growing industries and it is here to stay. It is predicted that by 2040, robots

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Top 9 Robotics Competition For Teens in 2022

Having a competitive edge can bring out qualities that you never knew were lingering deep within. Competitions are always fun, especially when these focus on exploring newer, fresh areas. However, when it comes to a robotics competition, it is a bit different. Robotics competitions create a sense of harmony of

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Moonshot Jr Is Touring The US This Festive Season

Moonshot Jr team is touring the USA with the vision to empower kids with tech entrepreneurship and meet parents. Recently, Moonshot Jr joined Fog India Day and Bay Area Diwali events in an attempt to present their services to a diversified audience and connect with parents who wanted to meet

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What is an Entrepreneurial Mindset and How to Develop One?

The calendar year 2020 had 31.7 million small businesses in the United States, making up 99% of all businesses. Starting a new business has its own trials and tribulations. It requires diligence, faith, and persistent hard work. We see that some early-venturers gain lots of success while others fail to

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Top 10 Robotics Kits for Kids

You never know what’s the right time to start worrying about your child’s education. It is difficult to determine the right amount of balance between playing and learning because children need both. Technology is ruling the world and in the fast-paced environment of today’s day and age, it is crucial

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