Moonshot Jr is a Silicon Valley company that offers futuristic learning solutions to children between the ages of 10-17. What started as a plan and idea to teach futuristic skills to children and disrupt the current education system about a year ago, now has a global footprint that is transforming the lives of children. Our meticulously designed 4-stage (patent-pending) Innovator program aims to prepare children for the future of work by imbibing an entrepreneurial mindset via product-first learning. The company has been co-founded by industry veterans who have built multiple successful companies. Our advisors are industry beacons who have founded and exited multi-million dollar companies. Currently, we have students in 13+ countries and the best teachers from across the globe who cater to them. Moonshot Jr is presently growing at the rate of 50% MoM. After receiving an overwhelming response in the B2C market, we are growing in the B2B2C market as well. Further to our partnership with the Dottie Rose foundation to teach girls about technology, we are also in the process of collaborating with partners in the US, UAE, India, and China. These partners will help us in a wider reach to schools and learning centers in these countries.


Our Instructors


Alok Jain - Co-Founder and CEO

Co-founder eZdia & RealtyCoHost
IIT-B Alumni

Vikas Shukla- Co-Founder and Innovation Lead

Founder & CEO Reference Design Inc
An IIT-BHU Alumni