An Entrepreneurial and Innovative Mindset will be Critical for the Future of Work


Technology will play a pivotal role in the future. Its contribution to our daily lives will increase manifold. Future professionals and leaders will be people with exemplary business skills, and soft skills who apply technology to create value.

Moonshot Jr’s Innovator Program, designed for children aged 10-17, is an educational program that empowers and nurtures them to become future innovators and entrepreneurs

Outcome-focused learning

Learning kits in every stage for practical training

Learning based on interest

Innovative thinking and knowledge of STEAM

Hands-on entrepreneurial training

Product development experience

Innovators and Entrepreneurs in the Making


Gain Deep
Knowledge in
Chosen Stream

Design, Develop and Prototype Product

Launch Product

Get 18+ Hours of Learning Every Month

4-Hours Instructor-led Tech Sessions

6-Hours Live Instructor-led Critical Skills Sessions (video creation, eCommerce, marketing, finance, etc.)

4-Hours SME/Industry Expert-led Life Skills Sessions

4-Hours of e-learning video assignment

Unlimited access to video and course library

Meet Our Teachers

Kenny Bae

Associated with Wolcott College Prep, Chicago, IL, TEDx Wolcott College Prep Organizer

Freedom Cheteni

Editor in Chief of the School Superintendent’s Journal, CEO, InventXR, Former Director of Curriculum - Stanford University

Anurag Negi

Expert in robotics, automation, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, electronics, AI, and IoT

K.D Gulko

Experienced in management, analytics, and customer success

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Parents Testimonial

Moonshot Jr Innovation Lab creates unique learning kits for hands-on learning for children.
These kits are also a part of our curriculum

Moonshot Junior Innovation Lab furthers the concept of practical, hands-on learning for children. The Lab innovates unique kits that are often combined with learning sessions to ensure complete knowledge of the kits. These are mostly tech-DIY products that assist students in understanding concepts such as soldering, embedded systems, electronics, and IoT. The Lab is led by our team of experts who continuously work toward bringing newer learning concepts for children above 10.


Triple Adjustable Power Supply

Embedded Learner Kit

Sania Bare Board

What's New

What's New